Friday, February 27, 2009

Magnum Does Not Take Kindly To Secret Twin

It Breeds

In response to a recent kidnapping

There's apparently a Magnum II.  Damn you, Kate. 

The Eagle Has Landed

Safely in Provo, UT.  

Since my coworkers insisted on continuing to use Magnum when I am around, I stole him and sent him on a little vacation.  He's going to spend some time int he wild-west-with one of my best friends, BoneJunior.

Magnum is jet-lagged so he's resting safely in BoneJunior's cubicle.  He asked me to send his best wishes along with a few snapshots, and promised to pass along more photos of himself when he's rested and ready for big excursions to the Utah mountains, and other local attractions. 

Upon Arrival in Utah

Already making new friends, but that's no surprise

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Noxious, P.I.

We all have those things that drive us absolutely batty in the office and sometimes you cant take the irritation and headaches anymore, so you fly off the handle and order your coworkers some fume-less Sharpie mega markers so they don't have to use the smelly ones and give you migraines. 

Meet Magnum:

I personified him with a photo of Tom Selleck as a reference to Magnum, P.I., the hit show of the 80's.  Not only because because he is not allowed to be used in the office anymore when I'm around, but also because it's a reminder that Tom Selleck is a big, smelly tool. 

Along with Magnum, other things I have forbidden the usage of while I am in the office is as follows:
  • Lauren's instant maple oatmeal
  • Rob cutting his fingernails while he's on the phone
  • Rob emailing me cartoons or skits that I have to "read"
  • Kate mooning me unintentionally when she wears that one skirt
  • Repetitive over-use of the paper cutter
  • Pregnant lady terminology 
  • Derek's ninja moves
Fittingly, Kate just used Magnum, so I stole him and am plotting his death. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's that kind of Monday.

Feel free to stop by my cube and use my Jump To Conclusions Mat. 


Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks, Frank.

Even though you've been married for 30 years and are 100% dedicated to your wife, (and I'd have no interest in dating you anyway... [Not because you're not adorable, you're just a little out of my age range and I don't date people I work with...]), your Valentine's Day Carnation & Baby's Breath favor was  appreciated more than you'll ever know, especially since I was the only girl in my row you gave one to, and now I feel like I am kind of loved even though the card that you tied on had a printed label with my name written in, thanking me for my customer service 24/7.

My horoscope today gives me a slight ego boost, though:

C'mon, social life... bustamove!  I know I've got plans this weekend, but momma needs some winin' and dinin'!

I guess that's all there is to report from my beige jungle of office life today.  Perhaps there will be more to come later.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'll buy that for $2.99/(aka: itemized list of trip details )

I decided to go see a good buddy this weekend up in "New England" (*if Enterprise asks, I was just going to central PA).  Her name is Emily.  

It was a pretty amazing, and pretty fast trip; I left Friday afternoon, and got back at 6pm today (Sunday).  Since Beastie has been a little out of whack, I rented* a sweet whip:

Be it smug, it was the best decision of my life.  $20 in gas, round trip.  

I got to Em & Paul's late on Friday and we went out for Thai at Chadda Box.  I giggle every time I say the name "Chadda Box", for oh so many reasons. 

Saturday we tooled around, bought stuff, saw stuff, ate AWESOME veg Indian food and Girl Scout Cookies.  Quite the combo!  When we got home, Em and I busted into the Chuck and followed it up wtih Black Margaritas, totally stealing that recipe: 

2 parts Tequila
1 part Chambord
1 part Blue Caracao 
Splash of sour mix & cranberry juice 

glug glug glug, it goes down so easily.  Regarde, in the shaker cup:

After a ridiculously huge pancake breakfast, I drove back to PA on Sunday and was sad to leave Em & Paul, LuLu & Kirby.  Check out my FB album for photo documentation. 

While I was there, I did manage to score a buncha great shopping deals, and most of them were eerily the same price: $2.99.  A handfull of sweaters and a red romper, (Yes, a romper. Photos are forthcoming.)  Oh, more importantly, a case of wine, $2.99 per bottle... and its to die for.  

Unrelated to my travels, I just purchased tickets to go to Monster Jam on Sunday.  I finally found a friend who agrees to go along with me.  You have no idea how excited I am.  This is kind of the perfect Valentines Day event... despite me being the cynical bastard I am, and despite the weekend having no aspects of romance involved... I'm OK with it.